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Two-Boo International Co., Ltd. 二寶國際有限公司

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Today is 20,Apr,2018
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     Two-boo, was built by in 2012, was a carpet processing factory. We have been famous for many years, and had domestic sales, export, and real manufacture produce experiment. To our product and quality, we uphold to make each carpet for family to use! Also, because there is a second baby at home, we decide more strongly to let Taiwanese friends enjoy such god commodities, and don’t let market appear a situation of passing off fake articles for the real thing.
Seeing the finished products got agree of such many countries, we have also exported, but Taiwanese stay at a step of hesitating to local carpets products!
Originally, after second baby’s mother and father, who are engaged in children jobs discussed, deciding o use good quality as exporting to America, Japan, Korea, Europe, and middle East countries and share them with customers! Moreover, we hope to build a complete safe spare, constantly try every possibility whether flat or three-dimensional. To... [Details]
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